The EPSA Women's Caucus has the following by-laws:
    1. The Women's Caucus of the European Philosophy of Science Association (EPSA) was founded in 2011 at the 3rd conference in Athens. It has the following goals: The Caucus aims to raise the awareness of and facilitate discussion of gender issues in philosophy of science along with other issues of vulnerability, injustice and exclusion in the profession, to support initiatives that foster the visibility of women and other underrepresented groups in philosophy of science, and to address issues concerning gender and minorities in the EPSA.
    2. The co-chairs of the EPSA Women’s Caucus act as a resource for organizing meetings of the Caucus and for facilitating initiatives supporting the aims described under §1. Moreover, the co-chairs facilitate communication between the Caucus members and the Steering Committee, by bringing suggestions from the Caucus members to the attendance of the Steering Committee. The co-chairs collaborate with the EPSA Steering Committee in organizing events in the interests of the Caucus members (which can be Women’s Caucus Lectures, informal gatherings, or lunch meetings, etc.). 
    3. The biennial business meeting of the Women's Caucus is scheduled during each meeting of the European Philosophy of Science Association. Motions are discussed and decided upon by the members who are present. Between meetings, the Women's Caucus is guided by its two co-chairs, one junior and one senior. Co-chairs serve staggered four-year terms, with a new co-chair elected at each business meeting by the members present and voting. Nominations can be made informally to the current co-chairs via email. Voting will be double blind and members can vote for up to two candidates. The senior co-chair is preferably a Caucus member who is already tenured at the time of election, whereas the junior co-chair is a member who is not yet tenured when first elected, usually an advanced PhD student or PostDoc whose PhD has been awarded no longer than 8 years ago. 
    4. The business of the EPSA Women's Caucus includes establishing and maintaining communication among its members as well as with other societies supporting under-represented groups in philosophy, and further people interested in the Caucus’ work. 
    5. Any proposed changes to these by-laws must be approved by those present and voting at the biennial meetings. It is recognized that the co-chairs may have to make interim adjustments to meet needs arising during the two-year interval between meetings. If such adjustments are to become permanent, however, they must be approved at the next meeting in the manner described above.


The following are the minutes from the biennial meetings of the EPSA Women's Caucus:

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